The Salmon & Sea Trout season is here so make sure you’re prepared. We stock neoprene & nylon breast and thigh waders, rods, reels, clothing, landing nets, flies, lures and fly tying supplies. Angus Country Sports, Arbroath, 01241 439988

Proper Cartridge's Stone Dead 32g & 30g Fibre No 6 & No 5, £275 x 1000

3 1/2" 12 Bore unfired cases, 16mm head, CX2000 primer, 0.30p each

10 Bore unfired cases, 16mm Head, CX2000 Primer, 0.35p each

Now stocking Proper Cartridges, 30 & 32g in No 5 or 6, plastic wads, only £240 x 1000!

Camo Backpack Chair, £64.99

Swivel Backpack Chair, £64.99

Brass military oil bottles, £25 each

Camo & green game bags, big buggers, easily take a few geese or a roe! £50

Now stocking these, ideal for using after a shoot or a flight.


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